Selasa, 15 Mac 2011

The Bird in The Cage

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
 Humans had always took care of their external appearances from head to toe as propagated by many. Always trying to appear at one's best, well trimmed hair, best clothes, smooth clean shaven face, radiantly looking as for the women, hence the creation of nemerous beauty products all over the world. This is part of the external expression or self presentation in everyday life. The desire to look great, presentable are some of the norms in our life.
For many, the soul is left barren, unattended, not nurtured in the right direction, undernourished...what are the nourishments for the soul?

For a muslim, the soul must be in constant contact with The Creator, Allah, through various means such as reading the Quran, zikr, attending religious conggregation, listening to religous talks, among others, if possible on a daily basis.
External beauty will fade with time no matter how hard one tries to maintain it. Allah made it such when death comes the soul will be separated from the once beautiful body, will rot, eaten by worms or other creatures, however some are spared as to the will of Allah.

The cage is the external body and the bird is the soul. The cage can be beautifully maintained but if the bird is not fed it will wither and die...
Have to take care of both, more for the "poor" soul !!!!!!
 *notes from a dawn prayer

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