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Dying as a Muslim

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Talk by Shiekh Salih Al Mughamisy

...Whoever does actions that are Mubah (permissible) or even Makruh, like a soccer match or even activity where people gather to go together, he feels a joy that he was present and participated. We do not want to go into details about a group of people however we want to learn lessons from this.

How do you know that you are truly into Islam ?

- it is that you become happy when you have obeyed Allah (SWT)
- do not perform the ibada (Worship) as a checklist, but perform it as as a means to get closer to Allah
- Allah (SWT)... is not harmed by your disobedience of Him, but you are the one who will perish if you disobey Him

... and dying in a state of Islam (no Matter what state that is) is, no doubt better than dying in a state of kufr.

It was narrated in the duas of some of righteous people that they said :
  " oh Allah ! I am not innocent, I love You even if I sometimes disobey You "

The honorable sahabi Amr Ibn Al' Aas on his deathbed said these words :
  " Oh Allah ! I am not innocent (of sins) so forgive me, nor am I strong, so give me victory..surely there is no power or might except with you (oh Allah) !"

If Allah (SWT) has written for you to pray Fajr in jamaa'a (congregation) as you are leaving the masjid, you should feel joyous that Allah (SWT), due to His MERCY...has woken you from your sleep and put you in front of Him and placed you in His house of Worship. These are truly the people who we feel envious (without wishing them harm) and if Allah (SWT) wills for them good...He makes them steadfast on goodness and they die in that state.  There is no greater joy for a slave of Allah Than the joy of Islam and what you all know is that every one of us thanks Allah that he has made us Muslims..from the mercy of Allah upon us is that we were born as Allah (SWT) gave us Islam without us even asking Him this we ask Allah to grant us Jannah (paradise).

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